Hold On To Your Beans Because Volatility Could Be Coming

By Ashley DavenportMultimedia Editor

When the USDA released its crop production report on Oct. 12, they decreased their September soybean number by 0.4 bushels…Read More

The Value of Weed ID

Effective weed management starts with knowing your weeds  Weed species vary in their response to different control strategies. That’s why identifying the weeds in your fields — and understanding their biology… Read More

Dicamba Impacts for 2018

New label imposes additional requirements  Changes to dicamba herbicide labels will affect how you use the technology in the coming season.   The changes include restrictions… Read More

Analysts Expect More Soybeans in 2018

By Sonja BegemannSeeds and Crop Production Editor

Next year analyst expect anywhere from 86 to 90.5 million soybean acres, following this year’s record high of 88.7 million acres.…Read More

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